Why No Calculator on iPad? This is the reason

Why No Calculator on iPad? This is the reason, Hi in 2010 Apple launched a new device that looks like a big IPhone but can’t be used for calling this gadget also doesn’t have a calculator

but we will discuss that later this device is what we know as the iPad Steve Jobs the founder of Apple actually didn’t plan on producing tablets he believed people wanted a keyboard and denied ever making tablets he focused more on cellphones laptops and computers but in the late 2000s people were obsessed with netbooks aka computers that were light,

Why No Calculator on iPad? This is the reason

small and cheap Jobs didn’t like netbooks because he thought netbooks were slow and looked low quality but he wondered why people keep using them according to him people don’t use netbooks to do office work they need a device to surf the internet and browse social media iPhones are too small

to do that comfortably so Mr Jobs changed his mind about tablets as for netbooks in 2010 he introduced Introduce the iPad to the world iPad is a gadget between iPhone and MacBook but iPad is less popular in total Apple has sold more than 425,000000

iPads in comparison there are more than one billion iPhones active today But iPad is still successful and worth producing there is one thing that sets the iPad apart is that it doesn’t exist The calculator on this gadget doesn’t need to be searched for and don’t worry,

you didn’t accidentally delete it because there really wasn’t a built-in calculator when the iPad was designed by the developers using the Calculator from the iPhone and just stretching it to fit the iPad’s bigger screen and then they forgot about it a month before the iPad was released

Pakjo asked his employees where the new design of the calculator was the design that now looks just like it was stretched wide and very bad apparently Parade er didn’t know they needed a new calculator design and was about to send an iPad with a stretched calculator there wasn’t enough time to make a calculator and Steve Jobs refused released it like that

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So he prefers to delete this calculator since then nobody wants to make a calculator that fits the dimensions of the iPad Besides that the people at Apple are perfectionists They say they won’t release the built-in calculator app until they can make one and proudly call it the calculator app the greatest ever.

Maybe someday generative with a calculator there will be a camera on the iPad but the original 2010 version also doesn’t have a camera, a new camera was added later but even in the newer iPad models the camera is still very bad because people don’t need a good camera good on the iPad the shape of the iPad is big and not very convenient for taking photos so people prefer to take photos using the iPhone Apple

doesn’t feel the need to add a camera module, it’s more powerful and much more expensive to the iPad this will only make the tablet more expensive for no apparent reason if you save a lot of personal data on the iPad there how to protect it so that no one can access it if your gadget is stolen or if someone hacked your passcode Go to settings then go to face and touch ID and password or passcode Scroll down to Irish data or delete data

if you activate this function then after 10 times wrong passcode your data will be deleted from your iPad there you can also change any features that can be accessed Ibnu sa’ad is locked if your Spurs laptop is lost there is a way to use it on the iPad just touch the regular keyboard with two fingers and hold the scratch oorbo will appear and Move with your finger the story is you are watching YouTube But want to check incoming chats

Calculator on iPad

you don’t need to close your YouTube application because you can see both of these applications at once when using any application just Sweep from the bottom up so that the penaldog appears select the application you want to choose always touch and hold down and drag up this application will appear in je a small window above the currently open application but only partially covers it

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Apart from that don’t limit yourself to just one additional application you can add more on the new iPad you can use speedview to open 2 applications at once for example Say you are writing a report you need a document on one part of the screen and the browser for browsing on the other.

So you don’t have to move between the two, it works the same way as a slide cover, open one application then Sweep from bottom to top channel dock appears select the second application But now drag it to the right edge of the screen now your screen will be evenly split between the two and you can use both you can change the size

to make one wider or narrower according to your taste you don’t have to switch between ABC keyboard and symbols most symbols can be accessed via ABC keyboard while typing just swap to down in the letters certain to type symbols if you want the at Sweep sign on the key but this feature

may be different in each model if you long press a key other variations will also appear for a-dha riber different types of fonts your keyboard appearance can also be made different for example you can share it at Open the keyboard then press and hold the keyboard icon at the bottom right several options will appear

if you select split the keyboard will split into two and you can type both your thumbs if you want to return slide your fingers from the side to the middle and your keyboard will return the floating option will make your keyboard becomes small and you can move it on the screen and place it anywhere to return to your normal keyboard zoom.out your keyboard with two fingers if you have to give an iPad to your friends

you don’t have to worry about them looking through your photos and private files there is a guided feature access on your iPad which if activated then other people can’t leave n open apps to activate it go to accessibility or accessibility settings then scroll down

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until you see guided access or unified access enable and set a passcode then open the app your friend needs to use and triple tap the home button or sleep or white button for iPads that don’t have one home button now for people who don’t know your passcode this er will be frozen And He won’t be able to exit this app or move to another app You can also lock your notes

Go to notes and select the one you want to hide and lock press and hold until popup menu appears and press lock or lock notes then you have to set a password you can change this password in the settings if you often forget to close the Browser tab and leave dozens open just set it to close automatically

open settings then Safari Scroll to the Tabs section and select close Tabs or close the tab you can activate but if you want to close tabs manually or want your iPad to close automatically after a day, a week or a month,

Conclusion from Why No Calculator on iPad? This is the reason

you can easily create a PDF file with screenshots or screenshots of entire web pages without making multiple screenshots to capture all long text sections if you save.

something from Safari with PDF format press the share button then select the option create PDF to make a screenshot of the whole page do it the normal way then press the file you created right when it appears this way you will open editing mode there

you can see the option to capture the whole page well select it yes this and save maybe you like listening to music or podcasts before going to bed you can stop it if you fall asleep just set a timer to do this go to timer set the time

then tap the option when time renz or when it stops and scroll down to stop lying or stop playing then press start u To start the timer you can start listening to whatever you want and when the time you set has passed your iPad will turn it off

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