Why iPhone Doesn’t Have Dual SIM Card Slots and How To Get Around It

Why iPhone Doesn’t Have Dual SIM Card Slots and How To Get Around It, Hi, you know that so far the iPhone has never offered a dual sim card service, maybe the next one will also be like that and I think it’s actually cool that a cellphone that has a dual sim card must have supporting software,

the iOS source code does not display information about the dual sim card feature, this technology requires transmitters on each SIM card, which of course increases the cost of cell phone production. So if the iPhone has current technology, the price will definitely be much more expensive than the current price. In addition, this feature will increase battery consumption so that it consumes more power.

Basic To Why iPhone Doesn’t Have Dual SIM Card Slots and How To Get Around It Check Here

It seems that this manufacturer did indeed add a dual SIM slot. even though the latest iPhone models have an AC feature that functions like a dual SIM slot but this second sim card is not in the form of a physical card but digital to use it, you need to upload all the information on your cellphone,

get the features by selecting the monthly package that has this option then mi want the ice cream later you will get a qr code which can be used to scan and add a new cellular package on the MU gadget or you can also enter the details manually just add the level to the SIM card as a marker so you can remember which SIM card is your business and which your personal sim card

you can use both of these cards at the same time the iPhone also doesn’t have a back button even when the physical button is still there it’s just the home button this makes new users annoyed but the reason is quite simple to carry out this function they just need to swipe right or to the left so the physical button isn’t really necessary,

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you know, by pressing the side button on your iPhone, you can mute the sound, so you don’t need to hear calls or notifications anymore, but you can also make a list of exceptions if some of your contacts don’t want you to miss this way. will only hear call from these people quickly

Maybe your mom’s number or someone like that Now to activate it, open the contact, look for the number, press edit contact, then activate Emergency Bypass mode, even if your phone is muted, you will still know when this person calls you.

Sometimes we need to borrow our cell phone to someone he can play, read, or check photos when managing someone else’s cell phone. You feel anxious. Yes, maybe he will post your personal information there. You can use the integrated access feature on your iPhone, when this feature is active, other people will not be able to exit the application.

what he’s using Go to accessibility settings then scroll down and look for guided access after that activate it by installing the password there is also a powerful trick to view photos on ono to activate it open the photo you want to cure press the share button then press menstruation to find hidden albums go to photos then albums then scroll down until utilities are there your actions

will see hidden albums actually not really hidden really because other people can still access them if they find them if you don’t want hidden albums to appear just hide them permanently Go to settings then scroll down photos and turn off hidden album mode or hidden albums this mode is enabled by default so this way your photos

will be lost to return to their original condition Reveal hidden albums You can also add captions to your photos so you no longer have to bother checking all photos to find them, for example, you are taking photos of the bus schedule

Wow, that’s cool, the photos are open picture above then charieta caption type keywords like base then press and when you need this photo again you can go directly to the search field and type the word base so that the photo appears usually the last photo you take or download will be your album tamnel photo you can change it or set it as a tamnel like this.

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How to open the album, find the photo, press and hold, then select MCI photo when taking a simple screenshot that displays an application, you need to specify the location of the photo in the message. After taking the screenshot, press the photo while in editing mode,

iPhone Doesn’t Have Dual SIM Card Slots

press the + button then the magnifying glass this feature will add a magnifying circle to your photo which means it will enlarge your capture area just adjust the size or zoom in and zoom out to zoom in on a specific object on the screen shoot me even though on safari you can make cool shoots on one page at once

Not just some Just take a regular screenshot then press to enter Deep Enno editing mode by selecting the full page or full screen option now you can see the full page image you can also crop it if you only need part of the image But of course this method is very useful,

right because you don’t need to You take screenshots repeatedly if there are a number of phrases or emails that you use often but you are too lazy to type them manually, just use a shortcut, open settings then go to the General keyboard and the Replacement text there

you can add shortcuts such as your home address by typing the address in the phrase field when you typing an address then your full address will appear in the suggestions and you no longer need to type it manually to send your current location to people who quickly via a second message

the current location selection timer will appear and you can record it immediately use this feature when you park the car after your car is parked, just send your current location so that later you can find your car easily.

Another typing trick is related to numbers when you want to type in the maximum number you will just fire 123 to enter the symbol menu then select a number then print BC to come back again, this also makes f It’s rusty, even though you can press and hold the 123 menu the numbers will appear so you can easily move your finger to the required digit after lifting your finger from the screen you will return to the message menu

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so you can continue typing the iPhone keyboard can also be turned into a trackpad for activate it press the keyboard anywhere and then hold it for a few seconds Hi after this feature is active you can move your finger to control the cursor

if you press a little hard a word choice will appear this feature is available on iPhones equipped with 3D touch You can also close all applications on iPhone automatically fast if you get used to sliding it one by one for a long time use three fingers so that your application closes three times faster this way

you will swipe three.top at once when the number you type on the calculator is wrong, you might even delete all the numbers and then type again from the beginning right ng It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re not alone, at the top of the digit display screen, just slide it to the side.

Conclusion from Why iPhone Doesn’t Have Dual SIM Card Slots and How To Get Around It

This gesture can function as a backspace command that will delete the last digit only. If you need to change the time of an event on your calendar, don’t press the event then edit and change the time, but press the event. and drag it to the time slot you want if you are used to sleeping accompanied by music or podcasts.

Just set your iPhone timer so that the application doesn’t run all night open the clock then the timer when you set the time then go to the option when the time renz scroll down until you see the stop lying button select it then press this button and after the timer is active the media you are playing will stop in the background you can sleep well, I hope so

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