Which type of cell phone user are you? Personality test

Which type of cell phone user are you? | Personality test, women tend to prefer playing on cellphones than men on average they stare at cellphone screens for 600 minutes a day while crafts only 459 minutes at this time they usually operate gadgets to complete work matters such as sending emails and checking social media even though they don’t use this cellphone It’s just a matter of numbers, because it can also be used to find out the personality of the user who often checks their cellphone.

Dependence on cellphones makes you easily impulsive and less focused when carrying out daily activities. A study shows that people who find it difficult to get off their cellphones tend to be more emotional than those who use cellphones properly. so that the battery lasts longer if you want to stay calm and more focused.

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Don’t play your cellphone too much during the day, don’t forget to give a free word cell at the end of the day because you deserve a reward for your patience and discipline, for example by being submerged in your mother.

good evenings, evening walks with your partner or other things that make you more motivated, they are innocent, they don’t use their cellphones too often and don’t want to worry about the sophistication of camera technology, online payments, access to social media and so on, do you belong to this type If yes, then you are fortunately, according to research,

we should really not be too dependent on cellphones and people like this tend to be more relaxed, calm and happy with their lives, their level of self-confidence is also higher, too busy with cellphones, there are also cellphone users who initially only want to reply to one paint, eh, it goes on for hours -hours for checking social media and forgetting to land if this habit makes you resentful,

just start limiting your cellphone use, then research reveals that if we reduce the duration and frequency of cell phone use, our optimism and productivity will increase. sleeping is more risky to wake up in a bad mood, blue light from the cellphone screen can hold back the production of the sleep hormone, namely melatonin, as a result, you will stay up late and have difficulty waking up.

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This needs to be done because if we don’t get enough sleep, we will be bad by nature, so we get angry. You should keep your cell phone away 2/3 hours before going to bed.

The cell phone battery is always full. This feature indicates that the user is disciplined and has the spirit of a leader. People who really don’t like the cellphone battery. So, if your cell phone battery is often full, chances are you have a leader instinct. Try to reconsider your career. Your hobby is making calls.

You often call, yes, according to studies, extroverts like calls and settings that don’t know the time, especially during the day. The modern technology era has become heaven for people. extroverts because they can connect with their friends all over the world,

they just need to take a break to eat and their loved ones shouldn’t be ignored Okay, I’m lazy to answer the phone, the opposite of the previous type, introverts don’t really like making calls, maybe it’s because they’re shy about the phone number on their cell phone or not too much or because they do n’t like to be disturbed when they are focused on getting their work done. In addition,

there are also people who have regular telephone calls or phone phobia, they will be super anxious every time a call comes in, so it will be difficult to receive a call.

If you and your friends have symptoms like this Calm down, you’re not alone, how come this phobia is quite common, a recent study involving office workers in the UK revealed that 76 percent of millennials and 40% of baby boomers have anxiety when they hear the phone ringing but fortunately we still have many alternative methods.

Have you ever said that, apart from regular telephones, some people will be unbelievably anxious when their cell phone doesn’t work. This phobia is also common. This phobia is called Domo. More than half of the adults who took part in the poll explained that they would be anxious when their cell phone went missing, the battery ran out, no credit or no credit.

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no signal Now, if you panic when you activate airplane mode, try to remember again 100 years ago you can still survive and move forward, even though there are no cell phone repairers, it sounds familiar, right? Are you this type of people?

For type of cell phone user are you

more impulsive, passionate and good at multitasking, but apparently this behavior is also common, Americans drop their cell phones four times a week, and more than a third of pollsters also admit that more than that, according to the Department of Education,

cell phones break down more often at home. when the user is cooking at dida after watching a movie or taking a shower, so that your cellphone doesn’t have to flip over frequently, make it a habit to hold it with both hands, especially when you take photos or type.

Also attach a durable screen protector + ring holder on the back of your cellphone and don’t forget to put it in a safe place when you don’t use it loyal users Just keep your cell phone in Setia in Moreover, there are also people who don’t like changing cellphones for years,

so we usually buy new cellphones for these three main reasons, the gadget has been damaged, the battery life has decreased or we just want to buy the latest model But in the hands of loyal users, mobile phones will become Totem Sakti that can accompany them for years and even decades.

They prefer to be in their comfort zone, content to be observers of the world around them and can appreciate the little things in people’s ringtones. -this person he will be satisfied with just a standard ringtone so every contact and the agenda needed to use special music about 15 years ago, mobile phone users had to pay to the service provider first if they wanted to get a special ringtone but now you can install your own ringtone for free.

Ringtones can make listeners laugh and dance, but there are also those who find this type of annoying. Possibly a cheerful positive personality and don’t want to bother with the assumption that many loudspeaker users like to call out Hello when they are on the phone, so that they can become the center of attention about their surroundings and don’t prioritize ethics while on the Tokyo subway, they might end up being the center of attention.

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I was really surprised because passengers on KRL and long -distance trains in Japan would be labeled very negatively if they chatted on the phone while riding the train. There really isn’t a material fine, but the perpetrators can be given a stern warning, super trendy users, check your cellphone, it looks colorful or ordinary- just the same like a piece of metal that is given a screen,

a user who often decorates his cellphone case, adds accessories or changes wallpapers, has a clear personality and is sensitive to beauty, he wants every aspect of his life to look stylish, maybe for this reason too, the market for cellphone accessories is getting more souls. cell phone memory is always full If your cellphone memory is always full,

it means you are an open-minded person and don’t worry too much about the future besides not being interested in the same routines – that’s all you also like to procrastinate, right or not, but maybe you have artistic talent Let’s look again at your skills in the field of art, after all, mobile phone manufacturers will most likely be able to create gadgets that can store memories for a lifetime,

Conclusion from Which type of cell phone user are you?

but if you regularly file music, photos and videos from your cellphone, it means that you are good at making strategic decisions and long-term planning. if you start applying these skills to build the life you want, you don’t have to use a cell phone. Huh. That means you don’t have a cell phone.

It’s true, it turns out that there are about one billion people around the world who still don’t have a cell phone and a third of the world’s population can’t.

accessing the internet exactly five point 13 billion people do not have a mobile device at all which is about 60% and only 35 percent of people in this world have a smartphone if you have a smartphone don’t forget to be grateful because you are a lucky minority

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