The reason your phone has a mysterious hole next to the camera

The reason your phone has a mysterious hole next to the camera, Hi, the public toilet is deliberately tilted, the privacy of the large gap at the bottom is made so that you want to get out of there as quickly as possible thanks to this design long lines are avoided. You can use the plastic lid of the soda cup as coaster.

The shape is perfect for serving as a base for your drink and maintaining the surface. the mudhari’ table is wet but the lid should not be turned over it should be on the table in the same direction as when it was in the cup the tiny holes in some types of backpacks are designed for tying extra gear so you can tuck in the laces and tie your sneakers

if you don’t want to keep them inside backpack or against it the little dot next to the iPhone camera want this is the microphone microphone it helps you get good sound quality when recording videos you just bought a new bottle of oil you took off the cap and saw this little cork that you can tear by pulling the loop unplug it but don’t throw it away

Tips The reason your phone has a mysterious hole next to the camera

Put it back upside down to control the flow of your pouring oil by pressing your finger in the direction of the small bumps on the F and J keys on the keyboard help Jerry to move when typing touch when your index finger is on this bulge

you know exactly where the other letters are the brush on the side of the escalator is not made to clean your shoes but for your safety this nylon bristles prevents your rope and clothes from getting into the gears of the escalator, don’t let this happen, yes, most door handles are made of brass,

this type of metal is good at fighting mycobacteria, can’t breed too much on the surface something like this Hi If you get stuck in the car during an accident and can’t open the door you can use the removable headrest handle to break the window and get out remember for sure the little circle under the bottle cap

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this little object helps keep the vacuum inside toll so that the soda stays fresh a small dot on the padlock next to the keyhole is designed to dry the moisture inside the padlock when there is water in.

Also if the padlock gets stuck or rusts you can pour oil into it through this hole as a solution the bulb is made into a ball because this shape allows light to spread evenly

Also bulbs like this are cheaper and easier to manufacture have you ever come across a piece of fabric like this new clothes not just a patch of fabric it can also test the fabric of your clothes before washing you can put these pieces in the washing machine and what happens if all goes well -okay you can put your clothes in safely your ceiling fan has

two working modes winter and summer you have to find the switch on it first push it up to activate winter mode and down for the modem save axle in summer mode the fan push the air down and will draws air up on the modem as cold as most people have a round WC suction device It’s a bathroom in the movies people use it to fix toilet blockages

even though this tool works to remove blockages in the sink for the toilet you need to use another special tool you take out a packet of microwave popcorn after it’s heated look at the small hole in the top of your popcorn bag you can use it to get rid of the small unripe seeds fit the wrapper on a plate and it will all fall through the hole everyone wears

Advantages The reason your phone has a mysterious hole next to the camera

the wrong neck pillow usually they put two ends towards the front and lean your head back try to turn your pillow to the other side this curvature should be under the chin and both ends should point back lay your head forward and your neck will feel more comfortable in this position

you can also have a good nap a few times I think it has a small indentation on the outside of the bottom that helps the water to drain out and prevents it from accumulating while the cup is in the dishwasher. The Black District was first created not to protect the eyes from the sun. Goggles like this are worn on an active expedition. This much snow can require you as much as a flash. bright light to save their eyes.

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these unique glasses were also invented nowadays many kitchen shears have serrated openings where the handle and blade meet you can use it as an herbal peeler to pull out the state like in Micro smary and leeks you will save a lot of time compared to pulling the leaves using hands and if you run out of fast you can give Roses to your partner this way

But be careful when orienting him the metal tab on the soda can can be reversed you can cause a straw there so you don’t have to lift it into the mouth of the two flat prongs you see plugged in the standard used in North and Central America it still makes sense But what about the holes near the ends even though they aren’t always there

The manufacturers have a good reason to make them thanks to these holes the outlet grips the plug more firmly so it doesn’t fall easily on the little bumpers lined up most sockets that fit perfectly into the holes are plugged in so the benefits are doubled because the plugs fit in the sockets but with enough force you can still remove them.

not only that you can also put a locking mechanism through this hole so that no one can plug the device into the wall socket some pens have a perforated cap on the top this hole is made as a precaution if someone accidentally swallows the pu cap

These pens when chewing they still have room to breathe plane windows have small holes that might make you anxious when you see them but these holes are actually very important and planes need them to fly with

Alman this hole protects you from pressure differences outside and inside the cabin various numbers are often taped on the On the other hand, many cosmetic products these numbers are not random numbers and actually tell you how long your product will last like this

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You won’t rub it on your skin after a while Arsa some ovens have small drawers on the bottom At first glance these drawers are perfect for storing pots and pans safely Your creativity can be said to be high if you’ve ever worn it like that but that’s not the main purpose of this lace.

This drawer is designed to keep the food you just served warm while you wait for lunch when you take out a box of aluminum foil. Pay attention to the tab beside it. You can press inside and the aluminum foil will stay straight and don’t fall hungry maybe it’s time to buy Chinese dishes but remember that delivery containers are not just perfect for carrying your food,

unfold them and you will get a paper plate that is perfect for enjoying your food with holes you might notice the elevator doors are very useful when the live crashes when it happens a mechanic needs to operate it manually they have a gut key that is inserted into the hole to open the door Hi most plastic bottle caps have small soft circles inside if pulled out you can still close your bottle but also you turn your bottle the liquid can leak out

If you prefer to buy milk in a plastic container You may have seen a large circle on the side this circle absorbs the shock that occurs when the milk container falls to the floor this circle also creates extra space for the milk container to expand bang if needed that’s how to determine if the milk inside has gone stale without tasting it many erasers have two parts

Conclusion from The reason your phone has a mysterious hole next to the camera

Most people think the coarser tip can be used to remove ink but this is not quite true The darker side is usually gray or blue made for erasing streaks a pencil made of rough paper like the one used by the artist meanwhile

The pink side is used to erase scribbles from the paper a smoother one for example want to eat applesauce but don’t get bored just take the lid twist one end to turn it into a handle and make your own spoon Tarra your little spoon is ready Enjoy your meal.

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