The Phone Suddenly Turns Off Even though the Battery Still Has a Battery, Why?

The Phone Suddenly Turns Off Even though the Battery Still Has a Battery, Why?, Hi, if your cellphone’s power suddenly drains from 15% to one percent, it means the battery is old or even damaged and even worse, when the remaining 20% ​​is used to make calls , suddenly the cell phone dies.

one percent in a long time the remaining battery capacity is more than the current battery estimate can not be completely full and drained out of battery life can be increased quickly how come this is how to limit the use of widgets,

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use only as needed and don’t use applications that require a lot of data so that stay up-to-date Now if you don’t know for sure why your phone is slowing down quickly, just check the cyber security move, maybe someone is hacking your data, how come I can know this?

chord, for example, because of the frequent use of active applications in the background ound software is damaged Malware or it could be due to prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight if it’s only hot once it won’t be a problem for you but if it’s too often there can be serious problems if your cellphone is always empty when the weather is cold, it means you need to check the condition of the battery,

the phone’s battery management mode has special components whose quality will decrease over time if the condition of the battery is less than 80%, you should replace it, if you let it continue your battery will always run out every time it gets cold, don’t forget to paint your old phone even though you already have a newer one you can use it just in case if it is rarely charged,

the battery will be damaged faster. Same with game consoles, laptops, tablets and other gadgets, don’t and when you charge it, your battery can get confused when your phone has just received a little power Eh, there are applications that do this suck it up as a result the battery has to take da yes again this short cycle makes the battery exhausted so it reduces its endurance you can also optimize the phone battery by closing all applications

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that you rarely use or applications that you forget to close a number of applications can drain the battery and most include well-known social media applications but this problem is only experienced by Android users,

if you’re an iPhone user, no matter how many apps are in the background, it’s still the same, except for the app, there’s no battery saving app, so an app that can check your phone’s capacity and clean up its memory is n’t really that effective. Just try the tips mentioned earlier on your phone ‘s memory.

it’s often full, it’s really annoying, even though the files have been deleted but it doesn’t matter. For iPhone users, go to the iPhone storage settings and make sure the photos you delete have been completely deleted. n forget to limit the duration of storage, yes, on the iPhone, open the message history menu and press keep messages,

the default is forever but you can change it to a year or maybe a month, don’t forget to refresh the ingredients so that the performance gets better on the iPhone, open settings general assembly Little assistive touch then activate press the plus minus sign then the power button will appear when Power of press assistive touch and hold down the home button, if there is an enter password notification,

it means that you are doing the right thing, now on Android, the process is much easier because some are equipped with a clear memory button in the RAM section, don’t charge it.

Turns Off Even though the Battery

the electric power of the cell phone in the car is usually less than the amount needed for the battery to be fully charged if you use a low-power USB plug your gadget will suck up more power than the available amount, your charger can also be damaged in the end your cellphone power isn’t even full- full more Ahaya, a rental car,

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don’t charge your gadget there, just don’t let the USB port be used by many people and are very vulnerable to cyber security problems. To be safer, you should use your own adapter, other places that are also dangerous, namely the train station, don’t just charge your Moody’s gadget, it’s better Just enjoy the view outside the train. You have to charge it at the station and in the carriage.

Jelqing juice has become a major problem that is often found in public paint shops. Your data can be hacked through the USB port. Charging your cell phone in your own home isn’t always safe. For example, when you’re there lightning, you know what to do, don’t charge your phone during a thunderstorm, the voltage is very high and your gadget can be very overwhelmed,

sim card can’t be used to track cell phone users, what can be traced is the imei number on the cellphone If the cellphone turns on the waves will be transmitted to the cell tower closest to the card sim really can’t track users but the iPhone can remember all the places you recently visited to check it

Open reflection settings locationservices and system Services iPhone collects all places Pop KMU in the frequent locations menu if on Android you can open Location History on Google Maps you should not chat with cellphones in the area Jelqing juice cafes are also rife in cafes.

Besides that, the USB port is a bit too strong but if you use a regular charger, everything is safe, how come the 4G connection doesn’t suck up more data than 3G, the page loaded will be the same Even though the connection is different.

Likewise when eating pizza if your friends can eat faster than you means that the focus is on speed, not the size of the VCD connection as well. That’s how long you ‘re talking about food, you’re actually drooling, don’t you know that big people and people who like to eat make a community.

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What is the name of the community , people who like to eat big , can you? control your data usage fish all applications drain data Also turn off the automatic file upload function to the sea turn off all automatic updates if you want to listen to music or podcasts.

Just download streaming first, it will drain your data quickly. The iPhone timer turns out to be very useful if you often listen to music or watch YouTube videos until you fall asleep open the clock press the timer then select when the time and scroll down until you see the stop lying button this feature will close all media applications including music , video, sound player or YouTube,

no need to wake up in the morning pulse just to close YouTube videos on iPhone press and hold the timer button if you swipe up a quick access menu will appear then there will be a time scale that you need to slide the minus is only one if the time is only in the range of one minute

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Hi two hours to turn on the flashlight also tap and hold this button to adjust the brightness you still can take photos even when Your memory capacity is mediocre if you need to take a photo but the memory runs out of this track, just open any application like Instagram or Facebook then take a photo when you want to upload a new post, the photo will mean camera roll, camera roll on the iPhone.

Not only used to store photos How come Annabelle press select in the upper right corner then press the photo you want in the lower left corner you will see an image of a box with arrows press it again scroll down and select the appropriate menu there is duplication, use it as wallpaper or hide photos so that you avoid people being confused to hide you can also crop it to a minimum size if you want to see it again just return to the original size

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