Phones No Longer Have Sockets, and Its Features Are So Much Cooler

Phones No Longer Have Sockets, and Its Features Are So Much Cooler, Hey you wake up in 2030 and think of your favorite song to get excited to start the day your phone plays that song for you mind control has replaced touch screen keyboards and voice control

you make mental invitations to your birthday party And send them to your friends you read in digital history books that Yi scientists have started working on something similar back in 2010 the idea was to help speech impaired people back then people had to wear some weird ear plugged device but now everything is available in a cell phone this phone can be in any shape

you can wear it as a bracelet anytime you want to turn it into GPS soap for climbing or return it to its original form you can disassemble it or turn it into a flat screen to watch videos your sister has a capital that can go straight into her ear she puts it on and it just disappears

Popular Phones No Longer Have Sockets, and Its Features Are So Much Cooler

Hi Dini is the trendiest designer cell phone that adapts to skin or hair color with a layer of sensors you open a box of old printed photos to decorate a party and find a strange device with a cord Your father said it was an old cell phone checker in 2030 all cell phones are always charged 100 %

and you don’t have to stick out just one place or use a solid base transmitter in various places in the city it can charge the Nano battery through the air when you are within range of the transmitter it also charges other devices and even electric cars quickly and efficiently when

you are outside your cell phone is also charged by solar power because all data transfer and charging headphones are wireless now you don’t need a socket anymore on your cellphone water can no longer enter dust will not accumulate and it won’t even take you hours to die so

you don’t have any excess you start to feel sad the usual birthday and your phone plays a vid your favorite eo cell phone is your best friend and helper cell phone keeps a record of your physical and mental health and offers breathing exercises to prevent panic attacks and stress

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Hey cell phone opens the front door for you blame your car from home and takes you the quickest route when you wake up late while traveling cell phone helps you through the gate with your ticket and ideas stored in it no longer needs to be issued it’s still early in the morning but you’ve got hundreds of happy-birthday wishes

you changed your phone display from OLED to an old cell phone tie with a display suitable for videos and games But when you read the screen it doesn’t good for eyes too much light shines on your face left phone is equipped with both technologies it is OLED and Iin used in Rider you can choose the display you need and read a book with

Ahmad it’s time to get out you are going to run a Marathon today you divided the route by l ima other team members and you guys will stay connected Through the larynx app with background sound effects it feels like Christy Marathon actually the phone shows good results and

you want to take a winning photo your front camera is now hidden under view and doesn’t take up space like old phones the photos are perfect quality thanks to a mini sensor that captures light and a sensitive screen that lets more light in you ask another runner you meet in the park to take a picture

Wow on his phone there are 9 camera options the quality is approximately as close to human vision as 576 megapixels to get the best results for you too added a detachable camera module Install now your phone is better than any professional camera

Phones No Longer Have Sockets

Hi and out came an hour long video of the marathon to upload it to social media it only took a few seconds the network was up to XIX Jidan Sev en J satellite and Quantum technology turn the world into an unlimited internet HotSpot your friends come for a party ship show them some childhood photos you widen your phone from the corners so everyone can see what’s on the screen you can make it twice as wide can’t you only the looks but most of the components of the phone

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The boss is now stretchable Hi like one of your childhood friends Lusi also wanted to show some photos she took out her phone the footprint is a new cell phone yesterday it was red but now Purple Lusi laughs and explains that her phone is actually transparent the back is made of material a kind of glass that absorbs light the material is almost impossible Putra so the phone will last forever and its cool

You won’t leave fingerprints there inside there are LED lights you can choose the color you like for your phone you set it yellow the cover is just It absorbs all light and appears yellow before you even get it. You can also set the phone to change color randomly every day or choose a color option.

The gradation of the phone is made entirely of glass. It looks smooth without any edges. There is also an additional display that can be seen from all sides. and from the back all surfaces are palpable so you can adjust the volume or activate airplane mode from any angle you can also respond to notifications on the front and open applications on the back at the same time

the Sigit phone is even cooler being able to project a hologram screen on it You can also bend it down to view 3D images or videos from different angles you watch a birthday video yes for your friend in the air Tommy has a holographic projector on his phone his watch the phone projects an image onto the palm of your hand the size

can be adjusted to the palm of your hand when you see your gift Mic o carry a vintage computer this is a popular home decor now cell phones have completely replaced computers because they can do the same job portable and easier to use you can store all the games and apps you want on your phone

Now these are all web apps that work through Browser and doesn’t take up space in pots, lol, the connection is unlimited so it can work as fast as the old apps that had to be installed on your phone. Wow girls bring you virtual gift vouchers from your favorite designers.

You can buy whatever clothes you like and try them at home with Rini’s face mapping. with artificial intelligence and Ride’s tactile technology you can see what you look like with different clothes and hairstyles you’re cool wearing a red shirt that’s okay The shirt will be delivered in minutes

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Hi 3D face mapping also allows you to remotely unlock your phone there’s also h surprise gift from your favorite singer You put on new glasses to see his 3D hologram in your sitting room He’s singing a rewritten birthday song suddenly the hologram turns into a real person everyone screams and tries to disable this feature

you try voice and mind control but it doesn’t work you and all your friends run around the room with cell phones pointing at him it turns out this is part of the plan it’s a real person not a virus you give him a birthday cake and let him go regardless of the incident the glasses are very useful lol this tool allows

you to call people and show their name in front of your eyes when they call you these glasses also show your email give directions on the go and do all the other stuff you do with your phone if you want to take a photo you have to frame it with your eyes and say the password to it part of people think that glasses,

Phones No Longer Have Sockets and Its Features Are So Much Cooler

headsets and other wearables will replace folders completely Hey you blame TV screen projection for viewing the news today people say humans are on their way to sibore by 2050 there will already be this computer brain interface like mind control but going a step further it won’t be on a physical screen a microphone or other device

at all microchips will be implanted into clothing accessories and connected to the brain another option is to implant them directly under your skin there will be tiny electrodes in the brain that will allow the connection you will even be able to upload and download your thoughts

you will also hear the voices of your friends in your head like your thoughts when they call you will hear music the same way your friends leave and the phone will set an alarm for tomorrow Brantas playing your favorite Nina Bobo song

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