If Your Ears Always Have Earphones On, What Will The Story Be Like?

If Your Ears Always Have Earphones On, What Will The Story Be Like?, You swing your steps confidently in your ears, earphones are plugged in even though you’re too tense you try to stay calm a while ago you just found out that your earphones can’t come out of your ears even though you’ve pulled them but still stick to the musicthat doesn’t make you sound things are getting better

Duh, maybe your earphones are already attached to your head Irfan that little bluetooth is stuck in your ear and doesn’t want to let go, what’s the story while walking home you try to take off your earphones again but it’s useless maybe your fingers even come off Yes come on just sleep hopefully after you wake up the problem will take care of itself

The Best If Your Ears Always Have Earphones On, What Will The Story Be Like?

Have a good sleep at 5 in the morning you woke up because your ears hurt almost all night you slept on your side and your irbat was pushed into your ears so it throbbed more and more

You didn’t have time to have breakfast anymore you should immediately come to the nearest hospital the doctor’s face is pale pasi and you know kal au that’s a bad sign in his life he has never handled a case like this the x-ray results show your earphones are fused with your skull and the doctor can’t take them off he reminds you to sleep on your back and don’t listen to music often

What model of gadget is your doctor ask your doctor responds by holding out your phone Then your favorite song suddenly comes out of your earphones It’s weird when you look at the doctor your song turns into a fast-paced pop even though you never put this song in your playlist

Oh that’s really bad eh that’s good but then the music turns off by itself You yourself turn it off using mind control widih cool after your business is done You immediately go home listening to a mellow song Rain starts the year when your heart is filled with sadness and you become a set Boy

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because your life is shattered how do you survive if your earphones are constantly stuck in your ears your anmu is already crazy and suddenly the song changes again even though you are just silent so who’s music are you listening to

Your eyes are focused on the guy walking towards you you just sit dumbfounded while waiting for him to pass after a little distance the music stops immediately the cute girl who gave the earphones starts to approach you then you hear Indian rock music from the earphones before crossing the street you have heard 5 genres of music at the same time

Why did you do this with the power of your mind you turned all those sounds into a song that calms the skateboarder walking near you You also listen to old-school rock music, ah, I really can listen to other people’s playlists. I know this. You’re not sad anymore and you feel like you’re a superhero.

Your super powers are n’t very powerful, but take the positives when you pass through the project area you see a young man who was lifting a wooden block from your earphones are playing dubstep music there’s also a guy operating a crane up there country music starts ringing in your ears as you walk down the sidewalk you also hear the pedestrians’ favorite music playing

If Your Ears Always Have Earphones On

There’s an old lady with glasses coming out of the supermarket and when she sees you’re watching her she throws her on the couch into your eyes Then you can hear great hip hop music Grandma you continued your journey and saw a beautiful girl clouds suddenly dawned and the sun started to light up her face as she passed by she had a smile on her ears plugged in earphones

Wow your brain feels like it’s about to burst He plays the music so loud you Tired after a whole day listening to other people’s playlists Calm down first Oops, your ears are itching but your hands can’t scratch the skin of your ears start to get irritated after a while your super power is getting torturing you more the next day

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you try to clean your ears by inserting it it’s water but instead the water can’t come out uh that’s bad when it’s moist your ears will enter a lot of bacteria it feels more and more intolerable and you go back to the hospital The doctor says you will not live long earphones can irritate the skin and press so that oxygen goes to the cells all dirt and microbial activity can make hearing is seriously damaging

Okay, you have to pay close attention. You hired an eccentric scientist to make a thin extract electric stick. The ear cleaner each tube is quite flexible and thin and one of the sticks can clean all bacteria with disinfectant and cool the ear so it doesn’t swell too much.

The previous stick was like a hair dryer a mini that treats the problem of moist ears then you have to go to the hospital twice a week after a month your hearing is slowly getting worse the little one can’t carry out their functions your life starts to feel like a random playlist yes stop you also can’t sleep all night hours 3 in the morning you are woken up by the sound of cars passing by and then you hear a unique Pop scene music,

your neighbor comes home late and plays an old 80’s playlist when you pass by your house you can only control the music you hear even when you are awake uh you can’t let it go rent a house near the forest so that your life is not disturbed again after you can sleep well again you become happy listening to other people’s music you

start to understand One of your friends is very funny and humorous but the playlist contains mellow songs one day you guys have a serious conversation from heart to heart and you are new know he’s really unhappy and likes to cover it up with his cheerful guise after a few weeks of hanging out with you you start hearing positive music on his phone yes it works for a while then you stop listening to music and switch to podcasts and online courses

you can learn a foreign language very quickly because you can follow it anytime So, you really enjoyed this activity, starting from quantum physics lectures to interviews with Formula One drivers. Your earphones make you more Genius when listening to podcasts about renewable energy sources.

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You start to wonder how your earphones are still charged, right, they should have been dead a long time. closest physics to talk about a rare case that you experience after going through a number of studies your earphones can actually absorb energy from the small electrical charges generated in your body they also add that your skin and cartilage have fused with the ear material the device has become an organic part of your body

your ear can adapt to new conditions and then form their own immune system You no longer need to come to the hospital to clean your ears, just wipe the outside of your earphones, everything will be OK, calm down, your health is still awake, huhuhu one day lam you are listening to classical music then suddenly the music turns off for a moment then you hear a strange sound

Maybe a human-machine or animal voice can be clearly heard but the sound is too soft and not so clear you can’t catch the contents at first you can tolerate it but the sound is keep harassing you every night there are people who are talking in different languages ​​that makes everyone scary Ih horrified

Conclusion from If Your Ears Always Have Earphones On, What Will The Story Be Like?

Do you mean that you are afraid to sleep when the lights go out one day you wake up because you hear hundreds of voices at once screaming laughing and asking for help you immediately get out of your room to go to sleep. the balcony of the house to get some fresh air and suddenly the sound disappeared replaced by soft jazz music playing

then you are in the middle of the forest around you there are only trees every time you step the volume and quality of the sound you hear also changes when you look up you see a giant antenna Wow your earphones must have h is connected to the antenna So all this time you’ve been listening to the radio

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