If You Do This to Your Gadget, Stop Immediately!

If You Do This to Your Gadget, Stop Immediately!, how to charge your phone before going to sleep is one of the biggest mistakes that will damage your battery in the long run the battery’s job is to supply energy to your phone or laptop

Best until it runs out so it ‘s best to let the battery do its job ideally you should keep the remote battery uncomfortable between 20% to 80 % so that it lasts longer, don’t let your phone battery go to zero percent because that will also make your battery get damaged quickly,

If You Do This to Your Gadget, Stop Immediately!

it’s okay to leave your phone on a charge once in a while but charging your phone in the sun is a big mistake. Your battery takes longer to charge.

full and absorbs heat faster making it die due to extreme pressure the battery often tends to overheat so putting it in the sun is like baking a painting tray for too long Speaking of cookies maybe you ‘ve heard that cookies are useless jealous of your cell phone put it on You package, I’m no longer discussing Cookies, I mean a pop up notification that appears and allows you to accept cookies for website preferences.

Amazing These cookies are actually meant to store basic information so you don’t have to bother choosing language preferences, entering email and passwords or other simple things. other things that will make it easier for you to use the website have excessive cache and cookies that can reduce internet speed on your browser,

sometimes also make your phone stop working or even make you unable to access certain parts of the website, so you should clean it once so that your browser and device can work properly. smoothly avoid downloading applications from unknown sources even though there are striking signs with the words free these applications carry viruses or Malware that can be harmful to your phone or damage your data

The best thing you can do is avoid unofficial epstors and only trust Appstores with good reviews and ratings. If you are tempted by such obscure applications, at least download antivirus software to protect yourself and reduce the risk of damage just because your phone is water resistant doesn’t mean you can take it with you often.

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swimming , it’s better to leave your phone on land when you swim. Water resistance only means that if your phone accidentally spills water you don’t have to worry about your phone being badly damaged by water for 5 to 30 minutes it’s okay but it still contains KKO and more importantly don’t use it often -frequently dipping your phone in water even if it’s only for a short time,

prolonged exposure to water will damage the hardware and will cost a lot of money to repair cleaning your computer screen is a good habit but have you ever cleaned it say don’t you shouldn’t disassemble your computer spin or remove the hardware for no reason but dust can build up inside and damage your hardware so take a clean and dry towel if there is a microfiber one and wipe the dust off make sure to clean the fan and the corners inside are full of dust and dirt you will be surprised to find hair,

crumbs and other dirt in your computer do not use ordinary cleaning products to wipe the surface of a laptop or cell phone from inside the chemical content can cause permanent damage as a rule of thumb always use a protective case for your cell phone some phones come with a hard cover case when you buy it but if you don’t buy it

Best This on its own is important if you drop your phone the case will save your screen and also prevent annoying scratches that often appear Out of nowhere Whatever’s going on Don’t put programs in the charging powerclip paper pins and wires are not the right things to clean the holes are metal objects can damage the hardware inside the charging port small holes like worm ports can get a lot of dust and really other Ci

that can damage your phone use a wooden object like a toothpick to clean the edges make sure to clean it thoroughly be careful otherwise you can damage some sensitive parts inside don’t try to clean the dust by blowing water particles even more damaging than metal objects

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don’t carry your laptop by holding the screen even if it’s only a short distance the laptop body is made for some reason the body can withstand pressure when lifted and placed on any surface the screen is thin and sensitive and has fragile hinges that aren’t made to withstand the kind of pressure that you carry when carrying a laptop that makes money easy is to hold it with both hands and place it on a smooth,

Your Gadget Stop Immediately

flat surface when connected. ung with public wifi always make sure the connection is valid imagine this you are sitting in your favorite coffee shop with a lot of work in hand and find there are two independent Wifi networks you choose one of them and arrive at landing beach where you are asked to enter your email password and other personal information weird blending The PC is almost the same as the page you normally open

but you see some pretty weird things first there is some general Taipei on the login page then the coffee shop logo is pixel shaped This is a mock-up site that bad guys use to steal data want

Hi because those who control the site they can see email and password no can also have access to bank accounts musher ta other sensitive information some mocaf sites are flawless so you better be careful if you use public WiFi when something breaks it’s better to get it fixed at an authorized dealer they have it trained to repair k device special and can guarantee

The availability of certain spare parts from authorized repair companies can damage your device especially for unique devices that can only be repaired by an authorized center be careful when choosing a place to repair your mobile device so you finally get a phone with large storage as you have dreamed of but don’t get carried away and install tons of apps and programs or save thousands of photos and videos that you probably won’t use make sure you know

what you’re downloading and storing on your gadget you can go to settings and clean the unused ones there if this doesn’t work there are third party software which allows you to clean unused programs or files without feeling too attached it’s really hard to remove that Best

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Mal if you’re still thinking Hey later I’ll need it It’s all about controlling yourself but if in fact you really need some of those apps and don’t have the heart to delete them try si storage on an external hard disk you can buy one that has a few terabytes of storage and store it in a safe and tamper-free place.

Another solution is to save modified videos and photos on a low server so you can access them from wherever you want. a predefined folder you just put it all over your desktop no and after a few weeks you will see your laptop is very slow a messy desktop can actually slow down a laptop because this is the main face that takes up all the RAM take time to tidy up your files so that the desktop is clean and tidy fast night mode is not only cool

because it can change the interface of your applications and devices but is also healthy If you are one of those people whose eyes are always stuck to the phone screen a dark interface can reduce eye strain and keep them more comfortable some popular applications

use night mode while maintaining function da n the same user experience another advantage of the natural modem is that you can save a lot of battery if your phone screen is AMOLED or AMOLED type all dark pixels that don’t glow don’t drain the battery

Conclusion from If You Do This to Your Gadget, Stop Immediately!

Here So if you watch videos everything that is dark or black is not an active pixel which means your phone isn’t use battery to supply power to those parts of the screen if most of your apps and phone interface are night mode

Hi you sure save battery maybe you can also save battery without using screen lock and home screen with fancy animations keep them both plain black you usually do navigating through the home screen to find your app and it will definitely be easier and faster with a plain dark background

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