How to Save Phones from Water and Train Runs

How to Save Phones from Water and Train Runs, Hi, Oops, your phone fell. The train Kernel when you wanted to enter my complaint, you could only stare at the entrance of the train while looking down.

You started reaching for your cell phone so you don’t have to get off the Kernel, but other passengers started to enter the train and the door closed immediately.

Amazing Soon the train will be ready to go Duh what should you do when your time is super tight you want to take your cellphone again or just buy a new one but if you buy it again it means you need to drain your savings up to millions of rupiah a number of people are still seen entering the train so you go out again to pick it up but your cellphone is even further away from your standing position right now best

How to Save Phones from Water and Train Runs

you can’t take it directly by hand, that means you have to go down to the rails, apparently the cell phone slipped under the rails nearby, there was a lot of garbage piled up when you grabbed it, mice started running past you then

Jinggo your fingers before finally getting stuck in the dark you panicked and the door the train is starting to close a number of people started observing your behavior so you immediately took the phone and climbed onto the platform but it didn’t work the train had started moving and luckily some people helped

you up before the train went down the tunnel but actually you shouldn’t do something like this the risk is too big so better Just tell the authorities or if possible the conductor descending onto the train tracks could threaten your life.

Best The safest tip is to just let it go and buy a new one. Okay, finally you arrive at your destination after taking the next train and then walking along the sidewalk your body bumps into other pedestrians when you are busy chatting and the phone immediately falls in a puddle, the electronic device must be immediately removed from the water,

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so you immediately put your hand in the cloudy water to pick it up. yes, just turn off the cellphone immediately after looking for a quiet place you start disassembling your cellphone so that all components in it dry immediately depending on the cellphone model you can remove the back cover and battery but if

you can’t remove the cover and screen protector you just take a cloth to dry your cellphone wipe all parts which is roughly exposed to water, such as the charging pot, the SIM headphone jack and the sdcard holder, don’t use a hair dryer to dry your cell phone, that’s not what it’s supposed to do and your gadget might get damaged quickly.

You can also use the old track by putting your phone in rice. But before that, do it The same drying process and then put it in the rice until all parts of the phone are covered with rice, although it can absorb water, the rice won’t reach all parts and small gaps in the cellphone.

Besides that, the rice grains can actually stick to the cellphone, so it’s better to use a jersey like this Jelly usually it’s on a new shirt or shoe you buy ko cell silica is more effective at absorbing moisture so that your favorite product stays dry after it’s completely dry Try restarting your phone if it works again, Amazing!

that means it’s good that you started traveling and your cellphone is already stored in your pocket when you get home you check notifications on your cellphone and it turns out that there are already many emails from suspicious accounts when you want to open the email your phone immediately hangs a few times and a lot of ads start popping up on the screen

you delete them right away but there are too many and suddenly your social media application opens itself when you check the call and message list it turns out from the white calls and messages you remember the tiny battery drops from 60% to 30% in just minutes even though you just removed it from the charger as a first step

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Trick Save Phones from Water and Train Runs

you need to download software that can remove Malware if you allow other people to hack your phone and see details Bang and I on your social media, don’t just download suspicious applications to make sure you read the reviews and ratings first, you should use a complicated password on your cellphone and laptop, use capital letters and symbol characters to reduce the risk of getting malware.

Basic numbers like 1234 or Anna bulbo’s birthday will be easy predictable and even make your phone more vulnerable, vary your Facebook in various accounts Delete history and internet cache to protect your phone this way you won’t leave any traces if someone hacked your browser and searches

You all panicked and immediately took the phone to a service place after it was repaired your phone went back to normal again but when you go up the stairs your phone falls out of your pocket and hits the stairs, the screen cracks and breaks into pieces hehehe that’s called sloppy

Hey you immediately checked your phone again but how come the damage is like what you have experienced before, the phone is starting to become unresponsive you can’t determine what hardware or software is damaged, if the touch screen doesn’t work Try it,

put the mouse in the charging pot and then click on a number of applications to check its function, it’s important that all your data doesn’t delete it if the screen is completely damaged until the inside looks like a plug into the laptop first, the cellphone Don’t want to be detected on the laptop. Even then, if your charger is still working

Hey Wow, apparently the software isn’t broken. How come you came to the service center again and asked the technician to fix your cellphone. A few days later, your cellphone can be used again.

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You immediately order a taxi to take you to the place. work because you’re late you rush into the office But when your hand reaches for your pocket you immediately remember that the phone was left in the taxi HAM. Usually the name is also careless.

You call your number with your friend’s cell phone but you don’t pick up iOS and Android devices have a special security system to lock your phone remotely if you access it through another device that is connected to all accounts, all the info on your cellphone can be deleted but you need to activate it before your cellphone is lost after that contact your cellular provider so that your number is deactivated you don’t want other people to drain your credit,

the fees are Hi fish a public bank account, so immediately ask the bank for your transaction activities. Have you been buying activity in your own name lately, you should cancel and freeze your account. Your mobile phone serial number can be very helpful in tracking your phone’s location if it ever gets lost.

Conclusion from How to Save Phones from Water and Train Runs

Here If your phone disappears on a remote and faraway island there The first thing you have to do is identify the serial number after the security application is downloaded, leave it active, this application can indeed drain the battery in the background but you need to prioritize phone security especially if you do a lot of routine make-up activities.

tin or activate automatic backups, don’t let all important data that you have stored for years just disappear suddenly your cellphone Gets a call from your own number you immediately pick it up to the taxi driver it turns out that he just finished work then cleans his car and he finds your cellphone in his car,

it’s a relief he is willing to deliver your phone to your house immediately and after your cellphone returns you immediately put it in a safe place that will not be known by anyone including yourself

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