Future Phones Might Be Able To Charge Over The Air Like Wi-Fi

Future Phones Might Be Able To Charge Over The Air Like Wi-Fi, Yes, it’s 2022. How come there isn’t a flying car yet. Yes, I’ll just take a plane, but there are other technologies that will keep popping up.

Why don’t you need to use cables anymore? Many cell phone manufacturers and other gadgets have introduced new technology that can charge devices without using cables. And not only that, charging is done via the air when you want to charge your cellphone, you only need to enter a special room.

This technology can be realized thanks to a special charging station, the antenna at one of the stations will detect and determine the location of the gadget every time it is in range, then connect it, then it will transmit. energy goes directly to your device and the battery starts to charge even if the cell and charging device are blocked by a lot of furniture or other distractions the process

will still run smoothly and you can also charge many gadgets as well as a living room in the future can be completely wireless in one corner of the room there will be a small box that connects all WiFi devices, computers, loudspeakers, table lamps and other gadgets, there will be no wires.

Future Phones Might Be Able To Charge Over The Air Like Wi-Fi

Wow, that must be really fun. with the help of the front panel battery, a high-resolution camera is installed to capture all objects around it. This camera is in charge of projecting the image onto the screen installed in front of the user’s eyes, the user can adjust the image by zooming in and out to make it clearer, they can also change the color and brightness.

with these sophisticated glasses, those who have difficulty seeing the faces of loved ones will be able to observe their facial expressions down to details. This device has a USB and HDMI port, how to connect it to a TV and computer so that the captured image can be seen immediately They can take photos and videos.

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deo that is seen and then saves it even with a special application they can send this image to other people but unfortunately these glasses can only be used by people who have eye problems some scientists will continue to work on developing it so it is hoped that blind people will also be helped by this technology.

using streaming images directly to the brain only four and a half billion years 60% of the population can access the internet but there are also those who think that in the near future the internet will be enjoyed by everyone like oxygen because we will be connected to a global network that allows all human beings to be able to access the internet. online despite being in a remote area, the process is already underway

Hello Starling from Space x is a space-based internet service and so far Starling already has more than 900 athletes in earth orbit they plan to increase the number to 12000 to 47,000 before um in 2027 this satellite is designed to be able to provide high-speed internet connections throughout the world and plus it’s free of charge testing has begun in rural Texas by embracing 45 families who previously had no internet access at all,

the network will continue to be developed by targeting specific households first to reach all corners of the city and then to all countries around the world the hope is that in the near future you will no longer have to bother installing old-school GPS devices and smartphones into a car dashboard,

the new holography technology will be able to project all the information you need directly into front of your eyes this way your focus will be dispersed when driving a small bluetooth device will emit a hologram right in front of you you can also see the route map and all notifications from the selected application while looking at the road now

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Tips Phones Might Be Able To Charge Over The Air Like Wi-Fi

we can print various objects in 3D but if it’s real to the house instantly ra 3D has certainly taken the definition of the word sophisticated to the next level. This kind of construction already exists in the United States and in France, one of the printed houses is also habitable and recently a husband and wife have occupied a 1-story 3D printed house in the Netherlands.

from the outside the construction looks like a big stone the plan is that the area will be built into a 3D printed house environment but in the future it will be more complicated some of these houses may have 2/3 floors of buildings like this are generally made by architect design then there is a special machine that will form cement being a layer and then producing a 3D printed house wall, it’s certainly cheaper than a normal house.

Because it’s made with a machine that doesn’t need to drink, sleep or be paid like a human, this machine also reduces the use of cement so it’s cheaper and environmentally friendly. occupied earlier c only built for 120 hours or five days nowadays we use contact lenses so we can see more clearly but the possibility of this phenomenon will change

The developers know that these lenses can be turned into everyday smart devices and they are developing one of the concepts, namely lenses This later can snap all visible objects, record video and then save it, but the development continues. Mas, our lives are very close to the screen, there are cellphones, computers, TV and various monitors on the highway, but unfortunately all these screens make our eyes tired quickly as a solution.

The developers are planning to remove the screen. and contact lenses can be a very appropriate solution this tool will help us see all objects that are in front of our eyes so we don’t have to use a lens screen like this also helps us pick up the phone, check notifications, watch movies,

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surf the internet and others while looking straight ahead at you will see everything while doing activities as usual but when checking notifications or reading news you need to look left or right to activate the lens interface maybe it will look similar to a cellphone screen But you will see all the objects right in front of your eyes plus only you can see it Hey Huh nothing again,

stupid people peeking at your screen when you receive a notification in the middle of your chat with other people you need to take your phone out of your pocket and check it but in the future you can know the latest news and download your presentation in a flash opening the file in front eyes then read it thousands of lives would be saved if only humans knew

how to grow kidneys liver heart and other organs scientists have succeeded in making the epidermis or outer layer of skin using this knowledge they can help many people in 2020 they also succeeded in making the dermis or layer of skin In the deeper layers of the skin,

they are currently studying technology that can be used for non-new organs in the laboratory. Next they plan to make the thymus gland in the lower part of the skin.

Conclusion from Future Phones Might Be Able To Charge Over The Air Like Wi-Fi

above the chest between the lungs the thymus is part of the endocrine system that helps white blood cells , aka selfies, fight infectious diseases and foreign substances in the body. Many people don’t have this gland at birth, so scientists really need to find ways to make the thymus in the laboratory responsible for this organ.

to strengthen the immune system, especially for patients whose organs have just been transplanted, this way their bodies will be able to receive transplants as original organs, it is indeed difficult to grow but people in ancient times thought that we would not be able to talk directly from a distance and now this phenomenon is very common

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