Ever been curious about the white line function on your smartphone? This is the answer

Ever been curious about the white line function on your smartphone? This is the answer, Hi, to save time when two bowls of food are in the microwave, put one of the bowls on top of the cup upside down when you freeze the ground beef, flatten the plastic flat this way, the meat will be easier to thaw when you open the sugar sachet, tear the middle, don’t cut the ends, it’s guaranteed that your hands won’t get smeared.

sticky sugar the sugar will spill everywhere put a rubber band in the middle of the paint can that has been opened clean the brush with this rubber so the chat doesn’t clump on the side of the can or spill the pizza container can be used as a stand, if you fold it like this you can also tear the lid along the folds then divide it into four squares of disposable plates, your slice of pizza is perfect for Naru.

Ever been curious about the white line function on your smartphone? This is the answer

This trick will be very useful if you are eating outside or lazy to wash dishes, use raw spaghetti to light a small candle so that your hands don’t get hot if you don’t have enough sim space. there is a pan, pull one of them and then put a cutting board on it if you don’t want to make a noise when you warm up your food late at night, the microwave can be measured, of course, each model is different,

but here’s the easiest way to find this button if you do n’t have it Try pressing and hold down the 1/0 number, if that doesn’t work, press the stop and cancel buttons. Try pressing it while holding it down, but if the previous method doesn’t work, just read the manual,

there should be a special key combination to stop the beep, if the manual doesn’t work, there’s no peace there must be a digital version on the manufacturer’s website, you can use a plastic ziplock to put your cellphone and then stick it on the plane seat or train seat in front of you, use an empty mineral water bottle to separate the yolk and white,

squeeze the bottle and then point the bottle hole at the egg yolk then release the yolk This egg will be immediately drawn into the bottle paste in the smartphone or any pure tablet with the help of plastic wood that can be glued like this if you buy flowers whose stems bend easily,

just insert them into a straw, your flower bouquet will stand up straight with the help of duct tape to open the hard lid, you can even do it with just one hand. keep your boots upright by inserting a pull Doodle piece like this, a piece of cloth or the top of a sock can be used as a colvis liskin.

This will protect your fingers and hands from hot drinks. Let’s magic your hooks into a co-coordinator in the closet so you can hang your bag, shoot, tie or You can make a necklace that doesn’t wrinkle easily, this is how to put one end of it into a drinking straw, then attach it back using a binder clip to repair a broken keyboard, use an empty milk bottle as a plant watering device by punching holes in the lid.

Purple your rice container is a place to put ice. water will flow through the hole Put it in the bowl at the bottom of the container and it will be easier for you to pick up the remaining ice. Attach a paper clip to the end of the tape so you can find it more easily.

Cut the top of a plastic bottle to use it as a funnel for floss without fragrance. Can be used to cut cheesecakes and soft textured foods. On the other hand, the white line on a metal smartphone is actually the antenna line of this device that can convert an electrical signal into a radio signal and vice versa if you put a rubber band on the surface of the tape holder, the end of the tape will not go through the slot and then return to the reel.

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If you don’t have a computer cleaner or a special keyboard cleaning tool, just use dandruff, wet it first with disinfectant and then use it to clean the gaps between the mini keyboards, not once a week if you get a lot of tomato sauce and devil chili every time you buy food through the motorcycle taxi,

just put it in the freezer this way you will always have a mini ice sachet to treat small bruises on your body you can use a plastic ice cube tray to put cuffs, earrings or safety pins so that the cells check when you put them in your suitcase when you travel Try putting it in a tissue roll.

The shower cap is also really helpful when you’re traveling. Use it to wrap your shoes before you store them or use it as a divider between your socks and your belt. Most metal zips have testers, so don’t point the handle up when you point it.

the bottom of the zipper will automatically lock automatically this mechanism works because there are a number of small grooves hidden under the zipper handle if you have a wrench Just arrange it in the toolbox by tying it together your big rabiner he’s this tool at the camping supply store this way you do it will be easy

Look for your tools and it’s more practical to carry everywhere, use a Pringles can to put Spaghetti to remove dust from the pillow, use a tennis racket, just use a vacuum cleaner, you won’t be able to get rid of the dust that has accumulated in the pillow, so dry your pillow when the sun is hot, take the racket and beat it.

in Aceh to the surface of the pillow you can clean the window curtain with the help of kitchen tongs, raise the cloth to the end of the clamp and tie it with a rope after that press the clamp to each side of the curtain alternately your curtain will instantly shine, use an effective way to peel the orange by cutting the skin at the top and the bottom of the fruit

Then the fruit is slit on one side and pull the skin until it opens label your cable with technology yes most needle bearings are equipped with a mini version that’s where you can put the needle you use so you don’t lose the mini pad also functions as cruel so your fingers don’t use it too much hair pin as a support for the pakku,

some private houses have triangular roofs because they can make it easier for snow and leaves to fall from the roof if all these things accumulate on the roof of the house over time the house collapses Khan you can use a toilet paper roll to store hair bands most hammers are equipped with slots It’s small at the top that can fit the shinpaku with it, it’s much easier for us to nail the wall and our fingers won’t.

Why don’t you lay down a small trash can not only to protect the speakers from outside elements but also to amplify the sound. The division symbol is an empty division with dots, isn’t it? between the numerator and denominator, yes, the removal of the dirt on your keyboard can remove dirt on your keyboard if you turn on the heater in the car seat when you get home, chances are your pizza is still warm,

pour the pancake batter on the tomato sauce bottle this way, you don’t have to bother cleaning up your short scattered ingredients either.

can caterpillars are perfect when on a plane you’ve seen the little triangle above the front window seat this triangle can be a sign for flight crews when they need to check the flats on the wings of the plane paint your keys with nail polish this way

you will more easily distinguish the keys the grooves on the surface of the golf ball can increases the ball’s lift and reduces air resistance so the ball can bounce further additional pocket on the right side of the coat was called a ticket pocket in the past the horsemen used this pocket to store coins and then pay tolls without having to take off their coats

They later after train journeys became Popularly people started using this pocket to put a ticket to make a hole in the muffin tin then go into the tip of your popsicle there this container will prevent the melted ice from dripping down you can also use this forgiveness container to cover the prettiest little flash with the grade tape

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you have what a beautiful gift ap at all times the actual thermos was not created to keep your coffee warm it was made by a Scottish scientist who just wanted a safe place to store his chemicals at a stable temperature so he took two bottles and put the smaller one into the bigger one and sucks air between the two the tiny bumps on the F and J keys on the keyboard help people find the right keys without looking down

if you brush the teeth of the zipper that catches the end of a graphite pencil this might fix the situation most of the buttonholes on shirts are pointing vertically but the the top and sometimes the bottom are horizontal the reason is simple in these two places the dog sneaks out more often the horizontal buttonhole won’t allow the clothes to open

if you need to cool Umar wrap it with wetted kitchen tissue first and put it in freezer in a quarter of an hour your drink will be ice cold know you can use biswek to effectively waterproof your shoes rubber bands can prevent the kayak from opening easily don’t be in a hurry to throw away post-it notes that you ‘ve used Yes first move between your keyboard keys the glue will

collect the fluff and crumbs you can keep the wide collared shirt on the hanger with the help of Vito cleaner wrap it around the end of the MU hanger and your clothes will stop sliding if your cord keeps falling out of the socket slightly press the inside of the plug together this will provide a bit of grip with the help of a bread clip

you can quickly fix your flip flops so they don’t slip out again There’s a bear in the Toblerone logo that’s a number of boots that have round laces sticking out at the back purpose

Hi everyone is to make it easier for you to pull on your shoes pull these laces when you push heels into boo You can also use lupini to hang your boots on a hanger when they get dirty or when you want to dry them after washing. Plastic wrap placed over banana stems will allow this fruit to stay fresh for more than a week.

Most petrol containers have two openings with lids that close. bigger and smaller you should open the smaller hole first before pouring petrol into the bigger hole this will prevent the liquid from spilling all over the clothes and soil drill a few holes closer to the bottom of the MU bin this way insert and take the bag trash will be a lot easier You won’t have a problem with the suction

Make some frozen s-coffee for the iced cappuccino the iced copy won’t melt at once and spoil your drink You can keep a pair of earrings together with the help of old buttons this trick will come in handy when you travel brush den bro this way Buttons

will make it easier to find the earrings you need in a tiny jewelry box take a clean damp sponge Put it in a plastic ziplock bag and leave it in the freezer this will make the perfect ice pack that won’t hatch when it thaws the axis box is empty, don’t throw it away right away,

this can be used to store things for example you can store a plastic bag in there if you don’t have an ejector and you need to open the sim card tray use a small bent paperclip if you don’t have orange juice use a pair of tongs the stale milk kitchen gives off gas Gan old plastic milk bottle has a hollow on one side so when the gas expands inside the jug the bend was curved out

you can use the binder clip as a key ring and the money clip first use the clip to hold the bill then ajimu into it you put your shoes right- really lychee n Take a bit of sandpaper and rub in the diesel to get better traction so the soul of the shoes will be more gripping and you can wear them too.

When it rains you can turn a plastic cereal container into a perfect trash can for the car in case you lose a small item such as an earring. stocking on the end of the vacuum cleaner Turn on the device and you will see this thing sticking to the shocking spring from the elder will prevent the charger from bending and breaking some ketchup bottles have two slits to prevent the ketchup from spilling all over the place so

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you can control the amount of sauce that comes out of the bottle press hold your finger tightly in one of the slits and the sauce will stop flowing release your finger the sauce will flow again you can open the pistachio nuts with the skin on the other station

The white line function on your smartphone

Place the top of the ketchup bottle in the vacuum this way you can easily clean the keyboard microphone and ser angle no other cell phone gap if you can’t get a charger in your hotel room check your TV as most TVs usually have a USB port the rumbling strip on the side of the road is there to wake up sleeping drivers behind the wheel

the can opener is perfect for opening medicine packets this way your fingers won’t hurt accidentally most baseball caps have a small hole on the back to prevent your head from sweating too much you can also use it to adjust your hat size if it’s too big put the string through this hole and this Ika might look a little weird but the hat will still on

your head even when the weather is windy use a trouser hanger as a cheap and simple cookbook holder You don’t need a special scissors clock

How come cutting fine sandpaper or folded aluminum foil will sharpen me up again if you need to step away from your computer for a while but don’t want to log in ng Place the mouse over your analog clock if you want to read the movements of the hands and keep the computer screen on.

Putting a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water will prevent the water from spilling. The coffee stir stick has a hole in it because it helps reduce the resistance of the drink it also prevents it from warping.

hot water Take a look at this US dollar bill, big letters circled on one side tells where the money was printed l for example tells you that it was made in San Francisco that would make sense now turn the money back you see the eagle check out other hidden secrets

This eagle holds 13 arrows and olive tree trunk with 13 leaves this means this money comes from the 13 colony states on the go use a sunglasses case or pencil to store all your wires almost all measuring tapes have a metal tip with a small slot on the end you can use this slot to hang tape on nails or screws to take measurements without anyone’s

help the additional side holes in CAT teillers shoes do provide extra ventilation but initially these holes were placed there to tie the shoes more securely because these shoes are made for and used by basketball players not dancers soda cans have holes in the bottom the other end

so you can twist it And put a straw in there the chip bag has extra air to protect the critter during shipping this air isn’t really oxygen because it can rot the chips the manufacturer uses nitrogen instead to keep the chips fresh half of any sluggish sticks to the garage wall will protect your car door from knocking against the wall when it is slammed most of the trunk of the car has a few small hooks in it

Conclusion from Ever been curious about the white line function on your smartphone? This is the answer

you can hang your bag there instead your food won’t spill everywhere some cars have this preservative behind their front seat instead you can use it to hang clothes or even a food bag with a hole near the edge of the bathroom sink to prevent excess water from entering the siphon and the bathroom floor will stay dry

if you forget to turn off the water the eraser can polish your jewelry, clean electronics and even remove it. The annoying residue left by the eraser sticker can also clean scuffed Suede and remove any dirt that might stick to the walls You can use Streetfire Crush to make the carpet swell Lots of movement stick one side on the floor and the other on the carpet


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