96% People Don’t Know The Functions and Features of This iPhone

96% People Don’t Know The Functions and Features of This iPhone, hi okay pay attention Hah to share your location quickly click iMessage then type IMF click space until an option appears because my current location is at the top of your keyboard you don’t have to bother with trolling and screenshots of long web pages just one click too you can make a cleansheet as usual,

see the page icon in the lower left corner, just open it, slide it from the Green gemot fullpage mod then click and with this step you can save the PDF to a file Wow, I want to know how to take a screenshot on an iPhone that doesn’t use complicated Just tap the section

The Best 96% People Don’t Know The Functions and Features of This iPhone

You can also use this feature to select various options ranging from screenshots, mute home lockscreen and many more. Your phone also has a tripod tab which is Ki with a number of similar functions, do n’t waste time when you Search for websites, just hold down the dot button on the keyboard until a shortcut appears there is a.com.com option and many more camera functions

Not only for storing photos of cute fur children, click select in the upper right corner then select the photo you need in the lower left corner you will see a box icon with an arrow, just click scroll down and select duplicate Stitch so that the wallpaper or maybe hide it so that people don’t glance at it.

You can also crop it to a minimum size if you need to see it again. Restore it to its original size. No need to use that, try this trick, go to privacy settings, locationservices, then scroll down, click System Services. and select a significant location your phone knows the location of your home, your office,

your favorite supermarket and other places you frequent, if all of this makes you uncomfortable , just turn it off to copy text, highlight it then swipe with three fingers, then to paste it into another document, swipe with three more fingers if you are still confused about how to use three finger thread like it or not in the tutorial after class to select a number of messages in Gmail you slide with two fingers it’s easy,

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you don’t need an additional application to scan Just tap and hold the note icon then select scan document take your photo to save it as a PDF if you want edit the color to color or black and white go to drawing settings notes can also be good.

Even if you don’t have a stylus after drawing hold it for a while with your finger iPhone will automatically make it better Dolken no Kymco Sneak to set the timer tap and hold the timer button this button can you access it by sliding up and entering the quick access menu you will see If you can slide the time,

unfortunately this timer can only be set in the range of one minute to two hours you can also use these tips to adjust the flashlight fall and press the button to adjust the brightness you can open the lock iPhone with face and voice code, tap your face three times with your cellphone.

Oh no , click on accessibility and select voice control, then select customize comment, click Create new comment and type in the phrase you want to use as a password.

If I use it, on the bright side, click Run custom. js too choose the location of your password every time I say Bright Side my phone lock will open when you type in iMessage Try using horizontal mode then Click the button in the lower right corner next to the microphone there is a beautiful icon with this function you can send your handwriting to your friends so that your music sounds better choose Icu music and choose LED night,

you don’t need expensive headphones with noise cancellation for your email shortcut so you can type faster, go to general keyboard settings then select Replacement text, select the flash button and then type your email or other long sounds that you often use just use it to create your own version of the shortcut, for example du a question mark done The latest iPhones are equipped with features that can help you quickly switch apps.

Popular 96% People Don’t Know The Functions and Features of This iPhone

You see the little girl at the bottom of the screen, swipe left or right to find the app you need. Cool, no need. Double click or enter the center of Taiwan. we are already familiar with chat applications but iMessage is also no less exciting, how come press the send button to polish your message with cool effects in the Bubble section there are four Invisible Ink features that will make your message invisible to bring it up

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you need to first swipe it normally right or left To take advantage of this effect with the effect of the writing nozzle that was previously small it can enlarge while the sea effect will make the writing bigger then return to its normal size the slime effect as the name implies will make your writing look like hitting the screen,

slide on the screen effect button to enjoy other excitement, the Eko effect, for example, if you use this effect, receive your message will be hit with the same message on the whole screen to explore other effects swipe right there is a highlight of love confetti balloons laser fireworks shooting stars celebration with MZ you can pin 9 messages so that your most used contacts are at the top of the list you can mention other people in the chat

if your message is for certain people you can also use it to filter out unknown senders the notify me section of the message will notify you via message every time your name is dimensioned even though you have muted the chat with this track you can keep up with important messages without have to sort through a bunch of messages that

you don’t need to see the font size on the iPhone can be adjusted to zoom in and out go to display and brightness in settings then click the text size iPhone battery is not that durable but when it comes to photo quality the iPhone is still the winner, activate it great Go to the general camera and select the camera to activate the grab

Hi, your photo composition is advanced , the most common problem we face As mobile phone users, of course, running out of memory, bro, even though the photos have been deleted How come the memory is still full, just go to iPhone storage settings and delete the photos that need to be deleted huh, it still doesn’t work.

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Try deleting it in the storage section if your iPhone keeps turning off when it’s cold outside, go to battery settings then checkdate reholz, if the number is less than 80%, you should immediately replace the battery. The battery life can be optimized,

how come limit the use of Bridget to use as needed and don’t use widgets that require a lot of data to stay up to date or you can also activate low power mode with a certain percentage enter the auto mission press the Boss button then make the auto settings new.

The sports widgets can be combined, the widgets you need like icons l app ain before you put it in a folder to see the closed Widgets underneath swipe up Even though it can save space and time if your cellular data connection is slow Try activating airplane mode Wait for 5-10 seconds so that your internet connection is faster if your 3G network will change so that means other than that

If you charge your phone with airplane mode the battery will be charged 15% faster to improve video quality on the iPhone go to camera settings and formats select camera capture

Hi efficiency then return to the video record menu and select TNI t-shirt frames per second the home application has been equipped with automatic means, you can adjust the color of your cellphone screen throughout the day, another in-law feature is facial recognition that can recognize someone’s face behind your front door,

but if you save the photo on your cellphone, press the overcase button twice so that your writing turns into a capslock of letters also has the symbol te hide, hold down the key on the keyboard for a few moments to bring it up, this way you can type unique writing using special characters.

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If a long message that you have typed is suddenly deleted, shake your phone, the undo typing function will activate immediately. To cancel this command, viruses on the iPhone are indeed quite rare.

but don’t play with jelqing juice if you don’t want to come it will leak don’t use public chargers at airports, cafes, public transportation or in other public places, even so the old school adapter is still safe, how come jelqing juice only attacks cellphones that use USB chargers

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