5 Secrets of the Statue of Liberty Revealed!

5 Secrets of the Statue of Liberty Revealed!, Tourists visit these places every day hunting for the perfect selfie with the most famous tourist attraction in the world but surely you don’t know some of the little secrets hidden in these places I’m sure after this you will have another view about the famous monuments in this world Did you know you if the Statue of Liberty has another name than Liberty and lightning

the world or freedom illuminates the world and what is hidden in the box under the statue right here the massive structure stands watching over the entrance to New York Harbor welcoming travelers from all over the world and many things from the statue this beauty that surprises you designed by the sculptor Frederick barthol in France presented this statue to the United States in 1884 a beautiful gift but unfortunately when it became too big to move this statue was disassembled completely packed in 200 crates then shipped across the ocean then workers peacock It’s like a giant 3D puzzle in New York and Although many people think the statue is made of stone, the reality is that the outside is actually a thin sheet of metal. Initially, Barthol wanted this metal sheet to be made of pure gold to produce a very impressive sight but with a height of 93 m. the cost is too great instead choose copper a cheaper material the only drawback is the

copper turns green over time when the metal is exposed to oxygen a chemical reaction called oxidation occurs initially the color of the Statue of Liberty is like a shiny new Penny coin not as impressive Still but still spectacular over the years 25 years the color changed to dark brown then slowly faded to bright green like now because the statue is hollow you can enter it and climb up to the head but I hope you are used to exercising because you have to climb 354 stairs to get to the crown only even though it was originally open to visitors now the torch part is covered the torch was broken in 1916 and closed

Best 5 Secrets of the Statue of Liberty Revealed! 2023

since then avoid visiting here when the weather is bad in strong winds the Statue of Liberty can swing as far as 7.5cm while the torch can reach almost 13cm if I’m sure it’s been as sharp as the statue Oh and the statue is nearly 600 times struck by lightning every year surprising indeed there is also a secret box tucked under the statue the box contains a copy of the US constitution 20 bronze medals and a portrait of the statue’s designer Another famous monument takes us across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris France The Eiffel Tower is now appreciated. Did you know that this tower was so disliked that it was almost never built or that the engineers added a special floor for himself when the tower was built.

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Engineer Gustav Eiffel built this Tower for the World Fair in 1889 and is 300 meters high sam a height of an 81-story building upon completion this tower became the tallest man-made structure in the world and remained the tallest for 41 years until the chrysler building in New York City before it was built the public accepted leaks of the design people didn’t like them calling it anything from lights a very tragic road up to the skeleton of the bell tower residents along with Sham the Mars the location of the tower was to be built until went to court to prevent its construction but the authorities were on Eiffel side and the tower was eventually built to add an apartment right at the top for himself this location offers 360 degree view of Paris and has a sitting room big enough to accommodate a sofa table and piano kitchen bathroom and bedroom a luxurious penthouse in the air next Let’s move on to London to see the Big Band but which part of the building is actually called the Big B You might be surprised, actually Bigband is the name of the bell, not the tower.

It’s possible that you will hear the Big Band more often than see it. other residents of Great Britain can only admire it from a distance sadly the bell’s weight is 14,515 kg equivalent to 4.5 and its height is 2.1 meters not far from here there is the largest London water wheel in Europe which is 135 meters high and is less than 30 years old and this wheel is still keeping a secret in this case involves the number 13 a bit Romance and the tortoise There are 32 weather observation capsules on that giant wheel but numbered from 1 to 33 The reason is simple

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Secrets of the Statue of Liberty Revealed

The designers didn’t use the number 13 because of its association with bad luck while riding in the elevator. there is a 13th floor in most of your buildings for the same reason 32 capsules represent 32 boro or areas in London and this is one of the most popular tourist destinations with more visitors than the Taj Mahal or stonehenge and who would have thought that the giant wheel could be a romantic place for at least 5000 applications and more than 500 weddings have been done here you are not a fan of the scary rides do n’t have to worry about London the water moves at a very low speed of 26 cm/sec which is twice the full speed of turtles

The rides don’t even stop to pick up or drop passengers now back to America to the next famous monument Hollywood Shine Do you know if this landmark used to be bigger or the reason it was originally built don’t worry I’ll tell you all the secrets the developer of the first espage built this landmark in 1923 with the aim of advertising real estate the two men wanted to build a new neighborhood called Hollyw ood Land and the now iconic signage were just meant as a giant advertisement to attract potential home buyers to the area they plan to demolish it. After 18 months the sign originally read Hollywood Land the city government removed the last 4 letters in 1949 and now you can only admire it from afar, tourists are not allowed to approach this landmark. You are blocked by barbed wire, motion sensors, infrared technology, and alarms.

There is even a helicopter patrol. Next up. Let’s go to the city of Toronto, Canada. This 553 meter tower is impossible to miss but what treasure is hidden in a special time capsule tucked into its walls 1500 workers It took a full year to build the tower construction was completed in 1974 2 years later the tower was opened to the public afraid of heights maybe this attraction is not for you first The sides and floor of the elevator are made of glass it takes 58 seconds at a speed of 22 km per hour to take you from the ground floor to the observation deck in the air and on the floor deck it also has glass panels but don’t worry you won’t fall how come the glass is so strong and can withstand the weight of 35 moose so wonder how they tested it when the tower opened in 1976 a time capsule was hidden in the wall in the

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Lookout section inside you will find newspapers a number of Canadian coins letters from children and a That letter from piertudo capsule will stay there until 2076 and there’s more Mount Rasmore has a hidden space behind Abraham Lincoln’s head lol but what’s inside it originally had a much bolder design in mind including moments in American history with 4 heads George passing and Thomas Jefferson Theodore but the idea is too good mbisius in exchange he was given permission to make Paul of records a secret chamber that highlights the history of the United States and any important documents the last secret of the wonders of the changing color of the Taj Mahal in India and the reason is very simple the big building is in the city of Agra in the northern part of the country.

Conclusion 5 Secrets of the Statue of Liberty Revealed!

Mahal was built by Sheikh Jahan as a monument and tomb for his wife mumtaj mahal construction began in 1632 and was not completed until 1647 white marble covered the exterior of the building and was decorated with gemstones such as Blue, jade, virus and amethyst. These gems are arranged in geometric and geometric patterns. flowers but if you look at the photos of the buildings the appearance is not always the same the color changes depending on the time the photo was taken this is due to the influence of sunlight reflected by the marble the color may look more pink at dawn , pure white in the middle of the day and bronze orange in the sun submerged in some evenings the building can even appear transparent blue the second building was planned designed for the Shah himself This is a dark version of the original building instead of white it was designed using black marble but the building was never finished it ‘s amazing how much more amazing these awesome monuments are after knowing the secret

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