25+ Hidden Features on Mobile that You Can Immediately Try

25+ Hidden Features on Mobile that You Can Immediately Try, how to edit photos, here, I’ll tell you how to click the tense album, see everything in the top right corner and then press edit, now the mujadi folder can be moved and you can sort it as you wish,

yosport in the weather application can give info about the air quality index in several big cities around the world if you live in New York or London Try it First update the air quality today in the same application other updates are also available.

Forecasts of rain or snow intensity in the next hour are updated every minute but this feature can only be enjoyed by users. Let’s play sports in the United States For those of you who live in the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada or ostralia, there are also warnings for severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, storms or floods.

Amazing 25+ Hidden Features on Mobile that You Can Immediately Try

If you live in a very cold place and your iPhone wood keeps turning off because of the cold, go to battery settings then click set. Your battery condition is the number. shows less than 80% se It’s good to replace the Mulya battery, a number of applications on Ayo Sporting can also be put together,

just drag the icon so that it overwrites other icons, such as when you want to put an application into a folder, this way you can arrange your screen according to your needs.

Plus, you can save more time every time you hold your phone on iOS. fourteen you can take a screenshot by tapping your finger on the back of the phone twice to activate this feature you need to enter touch accessibility and tap on the back the options are also complete, there are screenshots of the mute screen, the main screen is locked, there’s a lot of it, there’s also a three tap function if you have

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Tapping on your iPhone can also scan various documents and even copy Lex from a sophisticated Widih photo, download the Google application then press the frame icon in the upper right corner after the camera, you just need to select text mode then check it out, just detect the photo you want to scan.

just a moment ar after the process is complete you will be able to copy and paste it. You can also use this feature to quickly translate food names, traffic signs and foreign language signboards on IOS fourteen. You can still set the alarm time by scrolling, not by pressing it.

Hidden Features on Mobile that You Can Immediately

If your internet connection is slow, try it. turn on airplane mode, just wait for Dimas for 10 seconds to make your connection faster, if your cellphone Treeji the connection will change to lci in this mode you can charge your cellphone 15% faster so that the video quality on your cellphone is better you can also try these three simple tips choose settings camera and format then select a high efficiency camera capture go back to the menu

open the second video and select full XD at the last 30 frames per second will be great in the image composition the Regent will look cling consider also cyber security. and active If you type a number on the calculator incorrectly, you can delete it by swiping left.

The same trick you can use when you press the wrong phone number, just say it to delete it on iOS portim, you do n’t need to waste time by creating a bunch of application folders Calm there is the Evo library which automatically groups the applications you are using the newly added section contains the applications you recently downloaded and displays clips of recently launched applications

you can also set the default browser or email application go to settings and scroll down until you see the application what you want to make the default when the application is pressed, the default browser application will appear. Hi, just choose from the list, it’s easy, with this cool feature, you can hide your private photos, go to settings and select photos, scroll down until you see a hidden album if this feature is enabled.

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i is activated, other people who can access your cellphone can also see your photos, all iPhones, both old-school iPhone 5 and the latest temple iPhones, equipped with reading the default QR code on Come on, sporting, even being able to scan almost all codes, even though they are complicated and attached to other objects, okay, dare to go to music,

you can search for the latest music track that is your favorite auto play mode can also search for similar songs that you might like there are also a myriad of new filters to find songs in a faster time spatial audio is actually in the form of 3D sound that presents mupeng immersive pages to activate this feature open bluetooth then press this next to your airport yes that’s right this feature only works Firefox

if you press the spatial outdoor button check also the accessibility section then press follow iPhone so that everything works well Come on, also consider your sleep time by updating sleep mode and relax after you press the clock it will show ba there are many new features such as a sleep schedule,

so make sure this feature is active, edit the active day too you can set your sleep target then press the relax section add the application you want to the relax shortcut when your phone is in sleep mode you can directly access it from the locked screen no need anymore In that case, staying up all night just to play with the phone,

want the battery to last longer, it’s easy, just limit the use of your widgets and don’t use widgets that require a lot of data to keep them up to date or automate low power mode when your phone’s battery reaches a percentage certain open automation press the + button then make the auto settings still new

Now this one is really suitable for those of you who like to be lazy, you can send a voice message with the help of a musiri friend, just say Hi Siri send a voice message like this Susanto dong Siri will start recording and stop after you are done then a preview will appear OK,

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just press the send button, there is also an automatic fix on the main screen application of your cellphone, you can adjust the color throughout the day to make it look more natural.

Another feature that is no less cool is facial recognition, which can recognize someone’s face through the filler hole via 2 if the face is saved as a person in your cellphone photo. There is also an iMessage update with this application you can pin up to 9 message threads so that the contacts

you contact most often stay on the top list 24 hours a day and seven days a week you can also take advantage of Mansion in Susanoo conversations aimed at specific people iMessage too helps filter unknown message senders with the notify me feature

You will receive a message notification every time your name is Dimensions even though you have muted the entire conversation so no important messages will be missed Plus you don’t need to filter So many messages the new feature of iMessage is that the emojis are also massively upgraded to 11 new hairstyles and 19 headgear to create your favorite emoji.

Conclusion from 25+ Hidden Features on Mobile that You Can Immediately Try

Try sending a hug emoji plus blushing cheeks with the newest sticker, the jingle mode pedaw is also updated lo to activate it on IOS fourteen press the empty space on the screen and all application icons start to wiggle in this mode

you can delete or move the application to the library how to press the little streat sign to exit this mode press the empty gap or the big 10 at the bottom of this mode you can also hide pages that you rarely use,

activate jegel mode then press when small dotted at the bottom will appear separate pages remove the check mark from the page you want to hide then press done OK to bring it up again repeat the same steps as before but give check mark on the page you need to Mun culkan

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