20+ Tips To Protect Phone Security, Including iPhone

20+ Tips To Protect Phone Security, Including iPhone, Hi, lucky iPhone users, please pay attention, yes, your favorite cellphone can sometimes get a virus, suddenly there is a notification on the calendar that you can’t erase, you wait for the cat to lay eggs, even the events that are there won’t go away.

Don’t torture yourself, just go into the account calendar settings and delete everything except icot and Gmail viruses on the iPhone are relatively few but your cellphone will not be protected from hackers when you paint it carelessly Now if you don’t want to come and want to leak you should avoid Ummul charging places like the airport Cafe public transportation and so on.

This rule only applies to charging old school USB adapters that are still good, it doesn’t matter, how come be aware of various permissions on your cellphone, make sure the application you download comes from a safe and original source, there are a myriad of shortcuts available on the internet, but most of them are not fun.

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Well, it’s important to read the review first before you download the application Okay, it’s a bit complicated, but this method can save time while keeping your phone from revealing the contents of your cellphone when you access the internet so that your privacy is maintained.

make battery power last longer, airplane mode can also protect your data. The logic is simple, if your phone is offline, someone will be able to take advance data when the weather is cold, the iPhone battery will run out quickly because the casing is made of aluminum compared to aluminum plastic, it cools faster.

not yet Android batteries last longer because most cellphones use plastic casings and unfortunately there is no other alternative to overcome this problem if your cellphone suddenly falls in the snow or is outside the house until it’s cold, charge it immediately, let it cool for 20-30 minutes so that the temperature le warmer

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Then look for water Ice these shortcuts are not installed by default on your phone but calm down you can get them by Googling there are also free applications that can release water with the power of sound if you can’t delete the installed application

Try clicking save your settings go to setting screen time content and privacy restrictions when you buy applications in Icons and Appstore there should be an option don’t allow

Change to allow to delete the applications you want annoying thing for iPhone users of course when you run out of memory even though the photos have been deleted the memory is still full try to enter Go to iPhone storage settings and make sure the photos you just deleted are completely deleted if you haven’t immediately deleted them in the storage section.

The keyboard also has its own secret, to end people with a period or start a new sentence, press the spacebar twice if you prefer to type with a dot. an one- handed just select the right keyboard every time you change the language there will be three keyboard icons at the bottom of the left for the middle left-handed keyboard for both hands and the former right for the right hand

Wow press the uppercase button twice so that your writing becomes capslock Many letters also hide symbols. Try pressing one of the buttons, you will see various symbols, no need to be confused anymore, if you want to type on fried hoho.

this will activate the undo typing function, hold down the space key in the note or text you are typing to quickly move to another section your drawing can also be good and wutsqo even if you don’t have a stylus after you finish drawing hold the image for a few seconds iPhone will automatically create it better ah no pe

You need to worry that your picture will be smeared. Smuggling WiFi is slow. It’s annoying, but your gadget can handle it. Why go into the wifi settings and then look at the data saver mode, if it’s not on, press the slider, your internet will speed up, all cellphones will be slow for a long time, no exception

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The latest iPhone version 256 GB Now you just need to clean the ram, just activate the assistive touch then press the power button before entering the toggle menu, press the button on the assistive touch, the hair will be faster, assistive touch can also help set up new functions with a simple tap to enter general accessibility settings and in the assistive touch section change anywhere in the Excel menu specifically for functions

Protect Phone Security, Including iPhone

Double tap I prefer screenshots because the home button + power combination is a bit complicated to make screenshots you can press the accessibility menu circle twice to change the color of the incoming battery icon to accessibility select display and text size then slide to the

Smart inverter button the color of your battery icon will turn blue if you increase the contrast the icon will be light blue when your phone is charging the indicator will change to Purple

Wow, bounce isn’t magic not magic to make the iPhone sound louder go to music settings and search curry in terms of menu Icu LED night option will make your phone sound 20% louder than before Beware of being scolded by your neighbors at night

How noisy if you secretly record a video go to the camera just record the video then go back to the notification center your phone will record a video But it will appear on the screen. Do you record videos using this method, why can you also make unique vibrations for various names in the contact list,

move into Sounds settings and open ringtone settings, usually there will be a default vibration, but try sliding down a little more there custom menu, try to make your favorite rhythm then save it and use it as I have a unique rhythm in your contact list, I know you must have opened a lot of Tabs in your browser, even up to hundreds.

Yes, if I did, I had to close everything in one touch, hold down the button and in the lower left corner and select closol extends, I had 336 taplo bad bad bad if a bag has been closed but you want to open it the last few times hold down the plus button in the middle this way you can open a list of recently closed tabs if you just search for it but

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what you want to open again even though the battery is a bit wasteful the photo quality on the iPhone it’s definitely number one Turn on great in the camera settings go to general select the camera to activate it your photo composition will be better, iPhone users do n’t need a QR reader application anymore because it’s already installed by default

Turn on the camera and navigate to the code you want to scan a window will appear Popup at the top of the screen press the window to enter my browser Go to the code.qr link. If it doesn’t work, try activating the scan.qr code function in your camera settings.

Conclusion 20+ Tips To Protect Phone Security, Including iPhone

You are confused about finding specific words. When reading articles on the internet, go to the search bar and then type the word you are looking for, now there will be three sections, right Google search, you don’t need to bookmarks and history don’t hug and on this page Cooke press this one yes the word you need

will be highlighted in yellow the bottom will also appear special navigation with up and down arrows if you like to write long love letters but don’t want other people to read just use a password you can use either of these two ways depending on your muya iPhone model for iPhone 6 swipe from right to left to bring up three icons lock folder and trash box use trash box

If your Love mail is stale and lock it to protect it from jail snoops Set the password but don’t forget it, you can’t delete this password if this method doesn’t work, tap and hold on your love letter, a password bar will appear in the drop-down menu. Set the password so that no one knows the contents of the love letter you wrote all night to ride roses in the neighboring village. Good night.

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