20+ Important Unknown iPhone Tips and Tricks for 2022

20+ Important Unknown iPhone Tips and Tricks for 2022, Hi, if you usually move application icons one by one to another screen, try it from now on using another method, move multiple icons at once, this way press and hold one icon and then use another finger to press all the icons you want to move,

all of them go directly to the icon what you hold down after the fish you have selected, you can immediately move to another screen, right there is also another way to close all applications at once if you have to swipe them one by one sometimes it can take a long time even though it can be three times faster if you say three fingers like this

20+ Important Unknown iPhone Tips and Tricks for 2022

you will close three tabs at once there are times when you have to guarantee your phone to other people this can make you anxious and embarrassed, right but don’t worry you can use this trick

Your iPhone is equipped with a guided access feature when activated this feature will make other people can’t exit certain apps, go to settings, then scroll down wow, see you, activate the guided access feature, then set the password, your friend suddenly takes your iPhone and tries to unlock it with your face

if you don’t want to just say hi, this series is whose phone this command will make betel lock face dance AIDS so your friend has to unlock your phone with typing a password, you can disguise the Mulo application, this is how to enter Shortcuts, press plus then select the bottom channel, press plus on opened,

then press Ciyus and look for the application you want to hide when you press it again, add it to the homescreen, give it a name and select an icon photo, you can hide your photo

How to open the photo that you want, four teams press the share button then menstruate to find the hidden album go to the photo album then scroll down to July the test there you will see the hidden album So actually your photo is not cut hidden but if you want to hide hidden album there’s a trick,

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how come it goes in photo settings then scroll down then disable hidden album mode if you want to show it again just activate it you can also add captions to your photos this way you don’t have to scroll through all albums to find the photos you need Now if you make a photo of your friend’s address just open the photo,

slide it up until it appears at caption Write a word like the last address and if you need this photo, just stay when the dress in the search field for this photo will immediately come out without having to be checked in one by one. In addition, you can drag-and-drop your photos to various applications,

just select the photo then press and hold while holding the photo use another finger to naruko another application that you will use to put the photo you can set a live photo as wallpaper choose your favorite photo

Click the share button then scroll until you meet after the wallpaper set as wallpaper lock screen then lock your phone you can see press the picture and hold it down so the image starts to move you can take a screenshot of your homescreen for your friends to see if you just make a simple screenshot you need to explain the specific sequence in your message but now it’s not like that anymore when you go to editing

Boss press the + button then the magnifying glass feature This will add a circle of magnifying glass to the photo to do Zumi, just set the size and already zoomed in to clarify the details in screenshots in Safari you can take screenshots one page at a time so it’s not just a part of it,

just take a regular screenshot and press it to enter editing mode in the final above select the fullpage option you can also determine the crop if you only need part of the image and this track is really useful because you don’t have to take screenshots many times

Hi when looking for videos or photos you have to scroll down so much that you have to scrolling again far to the top actually You don’t have to, just press the clock in the upper left corner to move up automatically if you fall asleep. When listening to music or podcasts,

just set the time so that your cellphone doesn’t turn on all night to activate it, go to the clock, then the timer, set the time, then go to the when option. the time and scroll down until you find the stop lying button there, select it then press it and after the time you set your media

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Important Unknown iPhone Tips

will turn off in the background image has a cool new feature if you want to reply to a message by praising select the image you need then swipe to the message put it on the area you want the recipient of the message to be able to see when sending a message press and hold the send button you can choose an animation effect that

you want to send and after your message is sent the recipient will see the message according to your settings if you want to delete the message that is being typed shake it your phone then confirm but if you want to cancel Even if the message is deleted , just shake it again. Other tracks are related to typing numbers.

When you want to type numbers, you must press menu 123 to enter the find symbol and then select numbers. After that, you will print BC again. Well, actually, you don’t need to follow this complicated method, just press and hold.

better 123 until the number appears so you can move the magic finger needed when you’re done you can lift your finger to go back to the text menu and type in the emoji color again it turns out you can change it go to accessibility settings then select display and text size if you have activated your color filters too can choose a number of color filters to change the display color of your device including Emoji

you can save your current location instantly this trick can be very useful when you need to find a parked car your location can be saved with just the tip of your finger here’s how to press and hold the map icon then select mark my locat ion from the menu that appears, the location will be recorded and later you can know your location.

You can scan the text you see with your cellphone, go to the note, press this option in the middle until your screen is separated into two scanpst.exe which you want then my reaction immediately moves to your phone you already know this trick yet,

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actually you can rot your phone with the side button so you don’t get disturbed by calls or notifications but if you don’t want to miss some important calls just turn it off silence open contacts then find the number you need press edit context and turn on mode emergency Bypass

even if your phone is on silent mode you will still know every time this number calls you Hey some apps keep track of your location and some only activate when you open it turn off location permissions on less important apps to save power restore your phone once a week to free up ram not full by d or something that is not needed

because this can slow down your phone’s screen brightness, you don’t need to keep going until you maximize it, activate automatic mode if you don’t want to be bothered all the time or lower the brightness so that the battery lasts longer, use low power mode,

the app might run a little slower but your phone will charge faster and consume less battery turn off push notifications go to application settings then turn off notifications that are not important there are also simple things you can do to make your smartphone last longer than charging, don’t take too long, your phone can overheat and long-lasting effects the length won’t be fun

Conclusion from 20+ Important Unknown iPhone Tips and Tricks for 2022

Don’t charge it in the sun Cup and don’t put your phone in the sun just put it in a cool place don’t play with your phone while it’s charging it’ll overcharge and most importantly use a good case, just buy it every time you replace it se . cell phone For example, you just bought the most popular cellphone but you haven’t been given a protective case,

suddenly you stumble and your cellphone falls, the money you have saved for a long time to buy a cellphone is just wasted, right? so that it doesn’t get scratched even if your cellphone

It’s okay after falling it can still need to be repaired and it costs money don’t use a cheap adapter to charge this cellphone it can harm your cellphone battery over time the cellphone screen will be exposed to dirt as well as the port so you need to frequently -frequently clean lint or dirt stuck to the microphone and b Tiger charging port

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